Genki Sushi

..and visiting Mines View after Holy Week.


When I saw from one of my friends on Facebook shared on her story that a new Japanese restaurant opened in Baguio City, I immediately searched the name and location of it. Genki Sushi is located at SM Baguio and when Stan arrived in town, we finally decided to go.

We both love sushi, that’s why.

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Almost Complete

For years, I have been trying to get my hands on all the Harry Potter books. My dream was to buy one set of the books in hardcover but my budget limitations made me realize that it wasn’t achievable at the time that I truly wanted to complete it. So back in 2014, I promised myself that I’ll try to purchase one book a year and just before I left Bahrain in 2016, my sister-in-law bought three for me which was the Tales of Beedle the Bard, Quidditch Through Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. I already have Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets at the time and bought the succeeding books the following years when I am able to spare money from my little savings. Although, I finished reading all of the books (by borrowing from the City Library with one of my cousins and from friends back in high school) even before I was able to buy all of these, I still wanted my own copy to be included in my collection.

So here it is.


I recently bought Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince from Lazada with a very big discount!

Now.. what I’m missing is the Deathly Hallows and I am planning to spend more on that copy. I really want the hardcover.

Wish me luck!


Raiza Veragra


Despite all the difficult times that I’ve had during the past 2 months, I am still thankful that I get to be with my friends who are very dear to my heart.

My bestfriend recently celebrated her 31st birthday few days after her actual birthday and I am very happy that I get to be there and attend.

Can you tell that we’re now both 31? Haha!

We met when we were 14? If I remember if right. It was second year high school! I have another best friend whom I’ve known a year longer though. However, she’s living in Canada now. I knew her since I was 12. 🙂

Anyways, we had dinner at this Japanese place called Zushi Me located at the ground floor of La Azotea Building located at Session Road.

Can’t remember the name of the ramen I ordered though.

I also met a close friend of mine from college a few days earlier for a grocery date.


Yes, no more alak date. Can’t believe that we’ve gone from meeting for drinks to doing groceries together.


Although we still had a drink after our grocery but it’s more of a chill only type of drink only.


Unlike in college, we used to drink a lot of GSM Blue!

Last week, we also visited one of our closest friend from college.

Yes, please don’t mind me. I look like a mess here. Haha!

Sincerely still hurting from everything that just happened in my life,

Raiza Vergara

We’ll Meet Again

Hello everyone! 🙂

I am going to take my time away from this blog for a few weeks or months. There had been certain changes in my life that I can’t really handle right now and I can’t seem to bring myself to share it here. I don’t want to ruin how amazing I feel towards this blog and the people who read, follow, and support it. So I am just going to be away for a while and write on my other page which is pretty dark though (I just posted one and I’m still thinking whether I’ll be posting more. Not yet sure though).

I just really need this time to be away from all of this for a while. But I’m just here, existing.

If you have time to pass by and read my raw thoughts about life and everything in between, the link is just on the top right corner of this blog’s homepage.

Happy Holy Week everyone!


Rai Vergara

Working you like a charm

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone’s staying safe and drinking their vitamins religiously. Just to let you know, I am currently blogging from the comforts of home. But I’m still in Baguio City though. The current surge of cases in the city has left business including our the hotel I’m working for severely affected. Our occupancy for the next 10 days plummeted aggressively and in just a matter of two days, our hotel started to feel like a deserted place in the middle of John Hay. I wasn’t able to go to work too today. My breath felt warmer than usual and started to feel headache when I woke up. This got me paranoid and immediately checked my temperature. It’s fine. 35.3 degrees C is alright. I have informed relevant people related to my work coverage of the situation and most of us are still at awe as to how to operate any longer. Most of our employees have either quarantined themselves due to developing symptoms or are afraid to go to work due to the current situation of the pandemic. I’d never thought I’d be afraid this way. A year ago, I was at the comfort of our home in La Union planning and decorating for my son’s upcoming birthday. I am also sad to know that I won’t be able to go back home to the province because of the current situation. I wouldn’t want to take an RT-PCR the day before I go home and suddenly, the virus might develop overnight and that I might be asymptomatic. I wouldn’t want to risk infecting all the people that I love back home.

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Photo dump: Food 2022

The fettuccine pasta was from the ayuda / grocery I won from last Christmas’ online raffle in my previous company. It had been sitting on our grocery counter for days and thought of buying a sauce that I like. I am not a big fan of the Filipino Style spaghetti sauces ever since I tasted the Italian style. Although the sauce I used here is not Italian , I bought the Tomato Basil sauce which is a little closer to the taste of Italian sauce. Furthermore, 1 pack of the sauce is only around PhP 39(?) if I remember it right. I have some leftover broccoli and hotdogs so.. that’s what I used!

Random food photos taken during the last quarter of 2021 towards the first quarter of 2022.

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A Familiar Feeling

Some time towards the end of February 2022..

I’ve been in the house for 2 days now. Called in sick at work because of this heavy feeling throughout my body, loose bowel movement this morning twice or thrice, really can’t remember.. and headache.

No fever, thank God.

I know that this is not viral because I just had the flu last month and I know the difference. Yesterday, I really couldn’t think of a reason why I feel sick except for the fact that I hand washed all my personal uniforms yesterday. My arms and my thighs really hurt from washing my thick work coats and slacks too. But I’ve been doing that over the past weeks ever since I started at my new workplace since the uniform wash is not covered by the company (which is sad and totally fine). So I know that, that is not the reason.

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A week after I started in the new hotel that I’m working for now, our Human Resources department from the hotel that I last worked for arranged a farewell for the outgoing Front Office Manager and myself too. (Although I already left a week ago). Remembering now how it went, all I can say is that it was great and gave me a sense of loneliness too. But we all have to move on. Here are a photos from the farewell party they did for us.

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Quick update

Hello everyone!

It’s been a week since my first day from the company that I moved to. It’s been very hectic and I couldn’t keep up at one point the things that I’ve accomplished (ticked from the list) and the things that I still wanted to achieve but of course, I’ve learned that getting things done should be strategically planned. At the end of the day, whatever task that I needed to accomplish that was ticked from the list is still progress either it may be small or big.

Within the week that past, I felt even more responsible to an entire team of more than 20 employees.

I’ll be off tomorrow and looking forward to a day of rest since the past week also made me work almost 12 hours a day due to the demand of the operations.

Stay safe everyone!

Till here,

Rai Vergara

No goodbyes,just see you around

Hello everyone!

I was a bit hesitant to make this post because of mixed emotions that I’ve been experiencing all day. Today was my last day at work and although I felt like crying a lot of times, I don’t know why I didn’t shed tears but the moment when I was sending a text message to my manager that I’ll wait for her before timing out; made me a bit teary eyed. There was a slight ache inside but the mood throughout the day was lightweight. Maybe because of the fact that our General Manager announced (maybe?) proudly that it’s my last day today at the operations meeting and even mentioned the position that I’m landing in the next hotel that I’ll be transferring to. There was a feeling of relief knowing that my managers are happy for me and always tells me that I can go back if I want to. They even joked around that I’ll be back after a month. Haha! I finished all the handover notes and I didn’t realize how much stuff I have in my locker and personal uniforms I have until I was actually clearing everything! Everything was so heavy when I got home.

They gave me a cake and citron tea as a farewell gift from an MIS assistant and Nurse on duty. While I was waiting for the taxi to go home earlier, few of our Engineering Staff said their goodbyes personally and I truly felt appreciated and I know within myself that I was able to influence their lives in a better way.

I will be posting photos soon hopefully. I just updated too my Linkedin profile.

Blogging from a phone,

Rai Vergara

We’re not promised tomorrow

I went back to work today. I took my antigen in the morning and when I saw that my result was negative, thank God!

It was such a relief and it felt good walking to work as the sun kissed my face. There was a slight feeling of sadness though as I walked pass the establishments of Camp John Hay. It suddenly dawned at at me that I’ll be leaving this place (well I can really visit anytime since it’s within Baguio City-but there will always be that special feeling-sort of an exception actually) in 8 days. I’m not saying that there’s a certain privilege attached to one’s self worth when people know that you work inside Camp John Hay but whenever I hear other people know that you’re working inside Camp John Hay, their initial reaction is that you’re getting a high salary and that there’s this kind of pride and prestige associated in the business establishments operating within. So I felt as if I’m letting go all these sort of a little luxury of pride and prestige now that I’m about to spend my last days working there.

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I’m living in a dream

(Previous) Highest Point – Atok, Benguet – January 2018

2018 was quite an adventure for me. It did leave a lot of marks in my life. These marks represented themselves in the form of travel, relationship breaks, career advancement, and uneasy confrontations. It was quite the ride and even though some parts of it were extremely good, some of it were extremely bad as well. It was a good mix of things that brought out the best and the worst in me but I’m not complaining. I am not saying that I’m happy that all these bad things happened along with the good things, no. I am happy that it was not only me who went through with it but a few important people in my life too. If it wasn’t for this year, I wouldn’t be way that I am acting now or how mature I am to this day.

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