Remember: Sunsets Photo Diary

A Beautiful Ending 2

Here’s the thing, I love sunsets and the colors that go with it even after the sun goes down. When my brother gave me a DSLR as a graduation gift, I wasted no time in taking as many sunsets as I could. Back then, I wasn’t even interested in portrait photography and I also didn’t know anything about prime lenses.

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Remember: Baking Class Photo Diary 2011

Happy Thursday everyone!


I guess most people might agree with me about not really knowing what you want to do right after you graduate from college. Graduating in 2011 only meant freedom for me and that finding a job will be easier because I graduated from a very good university. This was mindset in my early 20s when I was still immature and thought that having a degree gives me this privilege to get a high paying first job but I was wrong. Only in my late 20s that I realized that attitude plays a part too in getting a job.

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Thank you 243 followers!

Thank you 243 followers in WP!

Hello everyone!

I feel like I’m always thanking all of my followers here on WordPress but this time I want you all to hear it from me 🙂 Yes, I’ve made a video for y’all!

For the past weeks, I noticed a consistent increase in the number of followers in this blog and I am so thankful to everyone!

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